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Anne-Marie is a Toronto-based Dora nominated actor, singer, dancer, writer and laugher. She will be premiering an excerpt of her one woman show, plus None at Comedy Bar on Sunday, during the Firecracker Department Comedy Brunch. In person and livestream tickets are available for purchase. Mere days ago, she also submitted her short film, No Breakfast for the Firecracker Department/Canadian Film Fest's inaugural Canadian Comedy Film Igniter. This past fall, she had the opportunity to work on The Stratford Festival's Forum Series, Encountering Ukraine: Readings in Solidarity as the Assistant Dramaturge.

She's grateful to have received recognition for her writing.
Anne-Marie's short film
The Perfect Cup won BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY at the Hawaii International Film Awards, as well as BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. Her short story, The Anchor, came in 8th place in its category, in the 2022 NYC Midnight 250-word Microfiction Challenge. Another of Anne-Marie's short stories, Happy Birthday, Pearl! was announced as an honourable mention in the Firecracker Writing Department's 2022 Short Story Challenge.


In 2021, Anne-Marie had the opportunity to work with the Guild Festival Theatre in their Dora nominated production of Alice in Wonderland. In addition to being nominated for seven Dora awards including Outstanding Production and Outstanding Ensemble, the production received the 2022 Jon Kaplan Audience Choice Award.

Anne-Marie has done a variety of voice overs across Canada. As the Ukrainian voice of Elections Canada, she has voiced multiple television and radio commercial campaigns. She has also performed in multiple plays, musicals, readings, and improv sets, locally in Toronto. Anne-Marie coaches dialect and has been on multiple international tours, performing Ukrainian dance. The first published play listing her as an original cast member was Linda McCready's The Living Library

Anne-Marie always seems to be writing away, and has shared a weekly #MondayMonologue on her Instagram stories (@itsannemariek) since November 2020.  

As a child, she was quiet and polite in public places...apart from occasional standing on restaurant booths and singing at the top of her lungs. Anne-Marie was recently told that fellow restaurant patrons applauded at the end of those “performances”, so maybe that’s when it all began.

Alice in Wonderland (Guild Festival Theatre)

"Krytiuk is adorably feisty as the star-struck, wide-eyed romantic Maggie"

-Cate McKim, Life with more cowbell

Lend Me a Tenor (Alexander Showcase Theatre)

"Anne-Marie Krytiuk’s March Hare winningly scored points in the nonsense word play of the Tea Party"

-Joe Szekeres, OnStage Blog

Alice in Wonderland  (Guild Festival Theatre)

"Are you an actor? Dancer? You have the presence of an actor and the poise of a dancer."

-A stranger in an elevator

"Anne-Marie Krytiuk is a treat as the energetic and driven, but lost, Sylvia"

-Cate McKim, Life with more cowbell

The Living Library (New Ideas Festival)

What are your plans on Sunday afternoon? I'll be premiering an excerpt of my one woman show, plus None. I'd love to see you in the audience! The line up of talent for this show is incredible. 

Tickets are available for purchase through the Comedy Bar website. Livestream tickets are also available. 

I am thrilled to announce that I've submitted my short film, No Breakfast for the Firecracker Department/Canadian Film Fest's inaugural Canadian Comedy Film Igniter.

No Breakfast is a film that I wrote, produced, stared in, and co-edited. 

No Breakfast Poster.png

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